Act [Cultivate]


To Act [Nurture]

Empatheme Method [Cultivate]

Cultivate Openness
with the Empathemes

Act [Cultivate]

Interact with abot

Empatheme is
what happens
when you interact

Be open
Open your being

Sit and relax
in a quite place

Be natural
abot is a little self

Just be oneself

Reach out your hands
Gently take it
into your palm

Look closer
at how it looks

Feel the touch
gravity, Warmth..
It feels natural

When you are in touch
I am facing
my “small self”

Hold it
with a smile

Say hello
to abot

Voice is a natural act

Pieces of breath
when they resonate inside of me

The air around me
is calm

Let is happen
a sequence of
tranquil moments

Breathe out slowly
and breathe in

Feel the rhythm

Put abot back on the table

That is
the moment of [now] called [ i m a ] Interactive Moments of Action

Cultivate openness
Unlearn oneself
with the 8 empathemes

Let a string of empathemes happen

[ o ] Be open (Begin to begin)
[ b ] Be with it (Sit and relax)
[ t ] Touch (In touch)
[ s ] Face
[ f ] Fell (Resonate)
[ c ] Be calm (Calm)
[ r ] Breathe (Let it out)
[ i ] [ i m a ] (Moment of just now)

Act [Cultivate] Openness