Act [Inspire]


To Act [Cultivate]

Empatheme Method [Inspire]

Inspire yourself
with wonder

Act [Inspire]


ENRO is a network of Empathemes
that leads to discovering your unknown self

In Enro
Touch the string
of empathemes

Open the seed of your voice
and listen closely

With the seeds
Open yourself

Meet yourself
with Context
from the air surrounding yourself

Move inside the seeds

Be intuitive
with your own voice

Listen again
The seed may yield
by marking a leaf

Bring forward
what comes up in mind

Attach it
to the seed

It will be a chance
to create
a new connection

With Empathemes
Extract a word

by reflecting the moment
so that
it will bear fruits

Act of Empatheme
reflected in ENRO

Cultivate Oneself
with small practices

Connect yourself

and interact with

Listening is
an empathic interaction

Get closer

Seeds are empathy

Touch and review (T)
Open and listen (O)
Meet your voice (M)
Attach a word (A)
Mark and Yield (Y)
Bring inspiration (B)
Explore your unknown self (E)

Getting TO MAYBE

Empatheme Network
by your Resonance
and Openness

Act [Inspire Wonder]