Act [Nurture]


To Act [Inspire]

Empatheme Method [Nurture]

Nurture yourself
with Resonance

Act [Nurture]

With abot and Enro
Interact with a small moment

Empatemes resonate

Act [Nurture] Reflect your inner voice

Enro is a passage of Empathemes

Slowly let is happen
On a flat quiet surface

Small bubbles in the center

Be Open – Empatheme [open]

Relaxed – Empatheme [be]

Draw a circle slowly
Trace the outline
of the empatheme
and fully

A circle is a cue to the moment
Leave behind your flow

Touch – Empatheme [touch]

Smile – Empatheme [smile]

Feel your voice – Empatheme [feel]

The resonance is your
natural self

Vocalize your inner words

The interval reflects calmness

Calm moments continue and turn into
Breathe – Empatheme [Breathe]

Slowly draw a second circle

It is the moment of now – Empatheme [ i m a ]

Wait until the empatheme [ i m a ] slowly disappears

Then gently put back abot

The sequence of
Interactive Moments of Action
[ i m a ] is a string of Empathemes

Trace and use them

Your vocazlized words are the seeds

Empathemes reflect oneself

Act [Nurture Resonance]