Empatheme Connects Us

No one can live in your stead.
But you are not alone.
 We are empathy.
 Empathy, when inspired, opens you.
A mirror that reflects your unknown self.


Empatheme is a new concept of a moment that you can practice.

It is a method of resonant interaction that combines science, art
and technology into small acts in everyday life.


“Everyday” is a Practice.

Look at that!

Walking on the calm Fremont Older Trail, I came across this scene.
For a while, I was watching over him.

Getting half out of the hole, one bite of the grass.
Getting back into the hole, to hide.
Back and forth between the hole and the grass, this young little friend is acting like hiding.
I felt this moment was a gift..
Right in front of my eyes, he is practicing life..o try and err is animal..
And, first things first.
I thought it’s true.