Mission & Endeavor


Empatheme is a concept of a moment.  It is the smallest form of empathy we can use in today’s world.
It happens through a sequence of empathic communication with one’s self.
It happens when one naturally interacts with one’s self.
Empatheme is the smallest unit of resonant interaction that makes up a sequence called [ i m a ] “Interactive Moments of Action”.
It is generated only by your natural actions that turn into unique and useful data that both human and computer can use.
The Act of Empatheme is mutually and interactively performed by human and the computer, which will generate meaningful patterns for self-exploration as well as empathic communication using Empatheme.
With the calm natural movement of hands, resonance of voice, it happens.
Empathy – the intrinsic human ability to imaginatively project one’s self into others or any object in the surrounding. We can turn this empathy into our common resources that we can use for the purposes of serving one’s known self and others.
Empatheme guides you towards your unknown self.
Empatheme system forms a mutual part of the act by extracting, resonating, representing, measuring, and organizing the unique information, empathic communication and useful data that are created alongside the sequence of your natural actions in the act – to be used only for your purposes.
The Empatheme Community is an endeavor that anyone can join and become part of.  It is for anyone who cares about exploring one’s self, learning to create and deepen the moments, and wishing to help others.
It is not a mere gathering of people or an organization. It is a concept of a world that you can create in your real small communities.  To be able to serve one’s self and others in everyday life is already a small world of Empatheme.
It provides the practitioners, supporters, and collaborators with the methods, tools, and environment where wondrous chances are created and grow from the simple acts.
The Empatheme Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to cultivating soul, nurturing empathy, and inspiring hope. It provides an environment for those who join to practice and work together to create real examples of learning experiences, social support, and research and development.

Established in Tokyo in 2017. It will also be established in Sunnyvale, California, in the near future.
I have initiated the Empatheme Community as an environment and platform for social support, research, and collaborations, with the new concept of learning by practicing a moment to serve one’s self and others.
After establishing SomniQ, inc in Silicon Valley, I have solely dedicated my last seven years to the inventions and creations of a system that helps create a moment of empathy by human natural action, and a simple act that both humans and computers can do together. I call it an empathic intelligence between humans and technology.
Prior to SomniQ, Inc, I served as EVP and Chief Creation Officer at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, responsible for the entire engineering and the development of smartphones and mobile products for 10 years.
With all these experiences, I have realized that it is my mission to work and lead the way to bring humanity into science, art, technology and everyday acts.
My purpose is to promote and realize the ideas of the vision and make a meaningful contribution to serving humanity by pioneering practical and useful methods to create the unique moments to encourage oneself and help others.
For the purpose of promoting and realizing this vision, I am providing the Empatheme Method and Technologies®, sharing my own creations for free, and seeking collaborations with anyone who is interested in serving the world by using the power of our innate ability of empathy.
Welcome to the world of Empatheme!

Rikko Sakaguchi

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