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To let you realize your potential, we supply an Empallet every day. It helps you create and shape your habit.

Empallet is a short story that supports your practice with Emapatheme. Please enjoy it along with your practice.

  • One Empallet is one-scroll-long on a smartphone. It only takes you 1-2 minutes to read.
  • Alongside photographs and illustrations, Empallet introduces words used in the fields of science, art, and philosophy. It’s there to encourage and inspire you to keep practicing.
  • Empallet is an integrated part of “Ei pra” (Learn to Practice English), “Mi Pra” (Practice Mirco-Actions Every Day), and “Co Pra” (Practice Caring and Sharing).
  • Ei Pra delivers Contents that cover a wide variety of inspirational words and guiding tips for your practice.
  • You can also access the daily contents from the Empatheme app (Open the app to find it on the top).
  • The Empatheme website allows you to search for words within the Empallet library. Just enter a word that you hit upon in the search box.

Currently, there are over 400 stories in the Empallet library. Ei pra is an extensive resource for learning.

A Trail of Empatheme

Starting in the late ’90s, I had been involved in the advent of smartphones. Through the 2000s, I led the engineering of mobile phones and smartphones all around the globe.

I used to believe that technology serves people in any way. As an example, I named one of the product series XPERIA, wishing for a new exciting experience.

However, my efforts to deliver over five hundred million units of products let me realize a ditch between humans and technology. A ditch that can’t be filled only with new technological developments. I keenly realized a crucial point: humans need to work together with technology.


In 2012, I founded SomniQ, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, I have been pursuing ways for humans and machines to work together in a natural flow and utilize the flow for “practice.”

For nine years, I have dedicated myself to research and development. I also have been practicing the concept by myself every day.
I have been working on the production of an easily-available method that uses my patented invention, Empatheme. Such a method, called the Empatheme Method, recently turned into “Mi pra (Micro Practice)” “Ei pra (Learn to Practice English), and “Co pra” (Sharing Practice).

We are now ready to deliver Ei pra to you. Anyone can join us and share practice experiences with Empatheme. Your surroundings, including yourself, can change for the better with your practice.


If there were anyone (or anything) that I would thank in the first place, that would be Empatheme. Empatheme has carried me through all the challenges.

Empatheme let me realize my mission, which is to connect technology and daily practice to create a new path of empathy. Vocalizing this mission to myself also helped me stick to it for so long. My three projects—Mi pra, Ei pra, and Co pra—all derived from this idea.

Voice Inspires Hope

For many years, I was not aware.
When I was twenty years old, a stroke paralyzed my father. His paralysis took away his ability to move his mouth and speak.

“The condition is not likely to change,” his doctor said. I felt very helpless.

Nevertheless, his brain was still active; he was able to think and express his feelings.

For five years, we communicated voicelessly until his death, using a paper board with printed letters. I first take my father’s hand to move his finger on the board. Then, I carefully listen to the subtle air uttered through his mouth to capture his breath alongside his eye movements that follow our finger movements. We were able to connect with each other regardless of the mode of communication.


Empatheme originated from such an experience of mine. Then, my beloved sister passed away from cancer twenty years after my father’s death. I suddenly lost her when I was traveling the world, seeking a hope that technology can make. Ironically, I was hopelessly lost in the feeling of loss and frustration. But this painful time made me realize that “it’s the being of others that matters.”


Seven years later, there was my mother’s impending death. The message from my brother said, “Mom died once, but she came back. Her heart stopped for fifteen minutes in the ICU but was resurrected.” Since then, we share Empatheme. And now, I am fully aware of my mission.


We live for others.
And others live for you, too.
We can’t live alone.


I started to release what was holding me back.
I’d devote everything I can to Empatheme.

Inspire Empathy

Technology gives us convenience and productivity. But many concerns also grow from it. Excessive use of technology causes anxiety that damages the human body condition; the over-dependency deprives a healthy mind.

Misbehaviors of social media are harmful to yourself and your surroundings. A busy schedule overfilled with information can easily unbalance life. Arisen worries and uneasiness leave little room for self-reflection. Nevertheless, benefits and dangers are two sides of the same coin.

Today, everyone is part of the networked world. It spreads across countries, societies, and generations. In the post-COVID-19 world, this trend must become more apparent.

Yet, we aren’t aware of the real benefits we receive and the hidden sacrifices we make. For example, large, global businesses collect detailed information about users’ behaviors in exchange for free services. We can only assume the value of these trade-offs and that they bring benefits from the black box of technology.


Now is the time to take action.
Technology plays a significant role in the human mind. Not only because it brings business benefits through convenience, productivity, and efficiency, but also because it can cultivate and explore the innate abilities of humans.

Technology is human-made. It derives from the human imagination that would enhance human abilities. That being so, we need a philosophy that inspires technology, which then inspires human creativity.


With this in mind, I created Empatheme. Empatheme is a technological invention and a philosophy that brings together art and science into daily practice.

Empatheme is also a medium that you can utilize. It mirrors, records, and visualizes your practice. You can share your practices in a standard format with others.

We provide the Empatheme app for free with some useful content, aiming to open up the “Trail of Empathy.”

We will keep exploring, inventing, and providing content that’s useful and practical. Let’s cultivate mindful moments of calm, nurture habits, and inspire wonder and hope with Empatheme.


Rikko Sakaguchi
Executive Director, Empatheme Foundation
Author of Empallets, Ei Pra and Mi Pra