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Empatheme is a patented invention that helps you keep up with your daily practice.

It creates calm moments in a natural flow through simple body movements to rest your self-judgment.

To learn is to practice. But starting up something is not that easy.

Continuing your practice is hard too. Along the way, your challenge often fails. Why?

No worries. You’re not alone.

The Empatheme Method helps you practice releasing your self-judgment.

It also allows you to maximize vocal output and cultivate your mind of overcoming self-judgment through daily practice.

The purpose of this invention is to combine the unlearning process of self-judgment with the learning process.

We provide the free Empatheme app, environment, and method using Empatheme to help anyone get into a habit,

which is “to create a short time, reflect on oneself, and share with others.”

Anyone can try Empatheme and share their experiences with others in daily life.

Besides, Empatheme can be used for scientific research.

We hope that its empirical results can be utilized in society.


Empatheme Method


You can download Empatheme app here.

❷❸ Select a Course

Learn to Practice Every Day With Empatheme

All you need to do is create a moment in a natural flow.
Reflect on your practice. Keep it going.  
Empatheme helps, encourages, and inspires your trail of practices.
Share your Empatheme with people.

Mi Pra

Practice Cultivating Yourself

Calm – Reflect – Inspire
Minimal Practice (5 Minimal / Day)
Practice Micro-Actions Every Day

See Details


Co Pra

Practice Caring and Sharing

Practice Empatheme
Minimal Practice (3 MInutes / Day)
Caring and Sharing

See Details


Inspire Change

Is it true that you can change yourself?
A change means:
What you couldn’t do, you can do.
What was hard becomes easier.
The power to change is in you and around you.
Empatheme draws out that potential and shapes it in a form that you can see, hear, and use.

Why is it still the same?
You’ve tried your best, but it’s still the same?
Is it a lack of effort?
Or is it a lack of knowledge?
No, you already have enough knowledge.
What is lacking is not knowledge but connection.
Knowledge is not connected to self.

Does this resonate with you?
I know it, but I can’t do it.
I know what it means, but I can’t act.
I know the words, but I can’t use them.
Changing oneself means making connections.
It means that things that were not connected before are now connected.

Excess creates deficiency.
You are trying hard to get more knowledge every day, but little practice in using it.
Isn’t your every day too much input, too little output?
You have no practice in connecting with yourself.
Once you realize this, you will know at how much you can change.

What do you mean by not connected?
I’m not interested.
I have nothing to do with it.
I don’t care.
I can’t imagine.
I don’t know what it’s like.
Don’t they come out of your mouth from time to time?
Your unconnected self is already manifested in your vocal expressions.
When you focus your mind on the connection, your path will begin.

Is there a way to “change me”?
You might think like this.
When the time comes, I will have the courage to do so.
I will be able to be kind to others.
But that won’t happen.
Knowing is one thing; doing is another.
“Kindness” and “courage” do not automatically translate into action.
It is because your knowledge is not connected to yourself.
You could say, “if there is a will, there is a way,” which is true; but it’s not the whole truth.
Unless you vocalize it yourself, it will not happen.
With experience, you can act – only if you have practiced it.

Output Creates Connection
The output of words using your own body creates a connection.
The most fundamental way to do this is to vocalize.
Your voice is the most significant power to create a connection.

Connection is invisible.
But the connection is invisible.
You can’t hear it. You can’t touch it.
Without form, it’s hard to learn.
Giving form to your actions creates connections.
Make it visible.
Make it audible.
To be able to touch and feel.
Connection is something you acquire with your body.

Nurture Seeds

Empatheme Gives A Form
An Empatheme is a time capsule of your mind.
But it’s more than a recording.
Inside the capsule is “your time,” in which you vocalize your words.
The time has a form that you can look back on later.
It is the shape of your own voice.
It is your time capsule that you can see, hear and touch.
Within it, you can generate the power to make connections.

Grow your Seeds
Empatheme wraps your voice of words.
Call it a Seed, as in the word for a seed that grows.
A Seed is a form of the voice in a breath.
Your voice has shapes and colors.
You can see, hear and touch them.
It is not mere speech or chat.
Seed is a short line of words in self-reflection.
You can grow your word as seeds, just as you sow and nurture them.
You can organize connections that will shape who you are through the seed.

What connects?
The voice connects sounds and images.
It connects words, memories, and imagination.

Your voice is the vehicle of connection.
However, we are rarely aware of the power of the voice.
When we speak, we are listening to our own voice. Speaking is also listening.
We can speak because we can hear ourselves.
But when you listen to a recording of your own voice, it doesn’t sound like your own voice.
That is because you are not used to it. You are not yet connected to your voice.

Your visualized voice
What happens if your voice has a shape and colors?
You can see it and notice it.
You can always picture them in your mind.
You can share your words with others.
The computer can measure the seeds and make the connection as you human imagine it.

Your visualized voice
What happens if your voice has a shape and colors?
You can see it and notice it.
You can always picture them in your mind.
You can share your words with others.
The computer can measure the seeds and make the connection as you human imagine it.

A 2-second Voice
A seed is a small, two-second chunk of time.
You can capture the length of a breath at a glance and memorize it instantly.
To nurture a seed is to create a connection between seeds.
With the seeds at heart, you can connect with yourself, things in the surrounding, and other people.

Cultivate Connections

Why does it become harder to continue?
Your voice is the power to create connections.
But to keep it going, both body and mind need energy.
However, power diminishes.

Why does it diminish?
Without knowing, you are putting too much extra force.
When we have a lot of knowledge, we tend to be self-conscious, pretentious, and overthink things.
Self-judgment, such as “I’m not trying hard enough,” also reduces energy.

Your Voice Helps
That is why vocalizing your words matters.
Your voice creates a chance to become aware of your own heart.
Something is blocking you, but you are not aware of it.
Only when you speak it out loud can you realize it.

The Power To Reduce Your Self-Barriers
How can we reduce the habits and beliefs that hold us back?
To touch your voice.
The output of your own voice in the stillness.
Getting in touch with your own voice will give you the power to keep going.

The Practice Trails You Walk Together
Join Empatheme. Choose your practice course.
Empatheme will walk with you along the path of your practice.
Every morning, you will receive a model seed and an inspiring short story.
Your practice will connect you with others who are practicing the same way.
And you will be able to share in the power of all of us.

Learning A Language
Ei Pra provides a place to practice using seeds to improve your English.
You might think learning English has nothing to do with “changing yourself.”
But in fact, it is.

Learning a foreign language needs unlearning
Japanese is a language with characteristics opposite to those of English.
Learning English is difficult. Why? Because we have acquired Japanese and can use it without knowing it.
There is no way to become aware of one’s own voice, speech, or how one feels about words.
With Empatheme, you can reduce your habits and assumptions that you are unaware of.

Not ”Studying English Again”
Even if you know a lot of English words, you cannot use English.
That’s because sounds, rhythms, and knowledge remain disconnected and unconnected.
Empatheme is an experience of “changing yourself” by making connections.

Practice to Change Yourself
Through the practice of using English, you can change yourself.
By changing yourself, you will be able to speak English.
Believe it or not, learning a foreign language is a practice that changes you.
Try to change the way you look at it.
Learning English will become an ideal place to practice that will change you.

A World of Seed Connections
Empatheme is a place to connect to your seed.
A place where others’ seeds are connected.
Mentors and tutors are there for your Seeds.
You can also be close to your fellow practitioners.
Seeds of a few seconds, created by a small effort, are connected to develop great power.


Your Seeds Shape You.
We cannot capture the phenomenon and workings of the mind as it is.
Empatheme captures the sequence of times where you voice the words of reflection.
It gives form to the time and space that contains your voice.
A Seed has a form that can be seen, heard, and touched.
The daily Empathemes are connected, and your Seed is also connected.
Imagine your seed taking the shape of you.


Learn to connect.
Sow and nurture your seed in Empatheme.
Harness the power within and around you.
Grow your seed and learn to connect.
The principle is the same for both Mi Pra and Ei Pra.
There is nothing more significant than the joy of “changing yourself,” even if it is a small change.

Share the Seed and Share the Joy
Empatheme is for you to share and spread joy.
Why don’t you experience your changing self in the time capsule of your mind?
Please enjoy using Empatheme with your friends.