Our mission is to unlock the subconscious mind as resource and develop inner speech to break through learning, self-help and communication barriers.
Our subconscious mind resembles a valuable natural resource like silicon. Just as silicon sustains modern civilization through mining, extraction, refinement, and utilization, we can unlock the power of the subconscious through meaningful and targeted actions.
By creating scenarios that stimulate subconscious processes manifested in our actions, we can capture and extract this valuable data for reuse in digital form.

Develop Your Inner Speech

The greatest resource of the subconscious is inner speech.

It is fundamental to, and a critical driver for second language learning.

Inner Speech is the language that can be mentally vocalized and replicated instantly in the brain. It is a mental resource that builds in the subconscious and shapes thoughts and emotions.

Break Through The Second Language Learning Barriers

We apply the approach to second language learning, recognizing that it is primarily a subconscious process, contrary to the general perception that it is a conscious act.
nner speech is formed through the process of vocalizing. Whenever an individual recalls a phrase and puts it in and out of their voice, they reproduce it in the brain, connecting the sound sequence with the corresponding images.
In a native language, much of this process has already occurred during early childhood. However, second language learning must be developed from scratch since learners do not have inner speech in the second language.

Cultivate Your Inner Speech