Vision & Purpose



Why explore one’s unknown self?

– A common theme for everyone –

With the growing dependence in technology, today’s world is overflowing with materials and brimming with information.
No matter how convenient it may be, it does not directly help us to explore own self in everyday life. My little self is all too often still busy, preoccupied with many things, and not so easy to interact with.
Why would that be?
“You should know yourself!”
Ever since we were old enough to remember, we have been taught so. We have been learning so many things, and take it for granted that “I know myself well”.
Is it really true?
It seems that most of the things I know about myself come from my past record. These are information regarding what I did in the eyes of others. Their knowledges about my own positions, situations, events, grades, etc.
We worry about what others think.
We care about how we are perceived.
We are always concerned with our own self through the outside perspective.
Yet we still don’t really know how to feel one’s self from within.
When we try to meet our unknown self, something holds us back.
And often, before even trying to ask, we are tempted to “search” for an answer from someone, somewhere on the web.
My unknown self is not there.
It must be in my natural, physical actions to feel and resonate with the moment.
Where is the moment, then?
How do I come across my unknown chances?
To interact with my own moment from within is essential.
It must be a common theme for everyone, recurring in every present moment.
With excellent education, abundant knowledges available in the technology-driven societies, and countless guides on how to live better in the world of competition, the everyday life is full of excesses and constraints.
And still, the moments to cultivate are elusive and hard to interact with.
There is little time, energy, or chances left for only a few moments of time.
We are missing something essential. We know so little about the ways to practice a small moment.
It is clear that we must innovate the way we inspire our imagination – innovate it from the power within.


A Method – Empatheme

– A new concept that opens a path –

There is a way to break through.
It is in the simple, natural self that happens with a small act of interacting with the moment.
Open, relaxed, and calm.
Only when I let it happen.
Empatheme is what happens when one’s self interacts with the moment.
The empathic communication with the surrounding becomes an empatheme.
It is an unit of the resonant moment that reflects one’s natural actions with the subtle hand movement and voice expression.
How can I capture it?
Enro is a system that serves as an environment to practice a small form of empathy – the innate human ability to resonate with one’s self and others through the interaction.
abot -” a being of touch” is an object to interact with natural hand movements.
Empatheme serves one’s self and others, with the assistance of Enro and abot.

Cultivate, nurture and inspire empathemes.

Bring inspiration with the Act of Empatheme!

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