Empatheme Method

Self-Judgment Hurdles

The most significant barrier to practice is self-judgment. “There is always only one correct answer.” Your misbelief makes your practice harder. “I can’t do well. Other people would do better.” Your introspection undermines your potential. The habit of pushing yourself to try harder is holding you back.

You Are Not Always the Same

There is you who lacks calmness or gets distracted easily. But there is also you who is unflustered or focused. You’re not always the same person. And the environment surrounding you keeps changing. But any state you’re in is the chance to release your self-judgment.

Create a Moment

Create a moment in which you can sit down and be calm. Don’t try hard; let the moment happen. Empatheme creates such moments in a natural flow with you.

Small daily cycle

The Empatheme method represents the flow. It mirrors, records, and reflects your moments in practice. Furthermore, it makes it a daily cycle. The moments you captured in Empatheme accumulate every day. They contain the output of your natural voice.

You can harness your ability that’s not used. The small moments will connect and become a prominent force.

Connecting people

Empatheme is a medium that allows users to share their practices in a standard unit and format. Empatheme connects people who practice anything. Empathy arises when there is a distance between each other, unknowingly. Giving a moment to care about others and resting self-judgment will support your daily practice.


The Empatheme method combines art and philosophy of practice with technological inventions. The nine years of research and developments in Silicon Valley have evolved into a learning platform. And the four years of experiments in Japan have turned it into social innovation.

Humans and machines work together to create a moment

A patented invention in the US and Japan may sound like high technology that humans created through machine operations. But Empatheme is different from this conventional idea. With Empatheme, humans work together with machines to create a moment in a natural flow. Your smartphone becomes a part of the calm environment of your practice. It helps you release your self-judgment and bring out empathy inherent in humans.

A System for Practicing micro-actions Builds a Habit

Empatheme creates a sequence of interaction units that integrates into a practice method. However firmly you swear to make a good habit, you need to take action to get into it. First, you need to experience the sequence of very short moments created by physical movements, called “micro-actions.” Then, you will realize that the accumulation of this experience has become a routine for you. Then and only then you can create a habit. What makes a habit is the system of your experiences.

Connecting People Through Empatheme

To make this easier, we need something that counts, records, reuses, and shares these micro-actions: sitting quietly, waiting for just a moment, short breathing, and vocalizing. Although we can do these actions quite unconsciously, Empatheme reflects and expresses them visually so that you can clearly see them.

Your Micro-actions create a natural flow, which becomes a daily routine, which then turns into a long-lasting path. “Practice Empatheme” means to use this system to make something a habit.

Empatheme can connect people; anyone is welcome to this platform to share and support practices.

US patent : 9,218,055 10,409,377 10,222,875
Japan patent:6138268 6743036 6707641

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Learn to Practice Every Day with Empatheme

All you need to do is create a moment in a natural flow.
Reflect on your practice. Keep it going.
Empatheme helps, encourages, and inspires your trail of practices.
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Practice Cultivating Yourself

Calm – Reflect – Inspire
10 Minutes Daily
Develop Your Inner Speech

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Caring & Helping

Practice Caring and Sharing

Practice Empatheme with Others
10 Minutes Daily
Develop Your Inner Speech

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