Enjoy and Maximize Your Language Learning Practice


Introducing Empatheme: A Pioneering Language Learning Platform

Transform your language learning journey with Empatheme. Whether you’re an English learner seeking improvement or an educator striving for effective teaching methods, Empatheme provides a unique, engaging, and efficient solution.

Why Choose Empatheme?

Stand apart from traditional language learning platforms with Empatheme. Our patented technology captures learners’ cognitive processing speeds and translates these into actionable insights. Through visualizing voice and providing statistical feedback, we empower learners and educators to overcome challenges and optimize strategies.

Key Patent-Based Features

  1. Immersive and Reflective Flow: Create a calming ambiance and seamless flow conducive to practice.
  2. Real-time Feedback on Processing Speed and Accuracy: Understand and sense your current ability for the next daily practice.
  3. Collaborative Learning Environment: Share your practices, seek help, and encourage others on their learning journey.
  4. Reflective Voice Visualization: Compare your pronunciation with native speakers.
  5. Subconscious Visualization: Unlock subconscious patterns to facilitate unlearning.

A Powerful Tool for Educators

Empatheme isn’t just for learners; it’s an invaluable asset for educators and tutors. Our technology uncovers insights into learners’ cognitive processes, enabling more effective, personalized helping strategies. Empatheme’s statistical data also facilitates progress monitoring and teaching method adjustments, making it a perfect platform for efficient, data-driven tutoring.

The Empatheme ‘English Trail’

Our unique pathway to English proficiency guarantees steady progress for learners, offering educators real-time insights to refine their teaching methods. Register and explore at https://en.empatheme.org/english-practice/.

Overcoming the Challenges of Conventional English Learning – Self-discovery

Many English learning services exist, boasting various scientific theories and practice videos. They offer diverse materials and grading methods but often overlook the importance of the learner’s self-awareness. Just being taught is not enough. 

Unseen problems, often rooted in native language habits and assumptions, cannot be solved if the learners are unaware of them. If they can’t understand why they struggle, neither the teacher nor the materials can resolve the inherent issues. The learning process becomes unfulfilling without recognizing their progress, leading to short-lived commitment.

Empatheme’s Solution Approach: A Learning Method that Promotes Self-Awareness

Empatheme’s innovative system enables learners to notice their unnoticed patterns and feel their improvement process through actual practice. Our platform measures the “brain processing speed and accuracy” of learners and converts this sensing data into practical insights for learners.

Mastering everyday English requires vocabulary and grammar knowledge, plus the brain function to process connections between letters, sounds, and images. Empatheme captures processing speeds in seconds, too swift for the conscious mind to track, and converts them into data.

Daily statistical feedback helps you gain insights and deepens your immersion in learning. Here, the acquired knowledge and information are just the beginning. The true value lies in applying this awareness to practice, which accrues as a personal learning resource.

Connect Your Subconsciousness and Surroundings

Empatheme accompanies your learning journey with innovative content and a platform. Daily learning statistics feedback helps you overcome unknown learning hurdles, bridging the gap between your subconscious potential and the support from your environment.

How to Begin Ei Pra

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    Download Empatheme app

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    Select Your Practice

    You are choosing Ei Pra

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    Select a Course And Sign Up

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    Begin to Practice

❸ Select a Course and Sign Up

Before Choosing a Course

Relax. Feel at ease to decide a course. You will get support and encouragement along each Trail.

Well, that said, making a decision makes you feel anxious. There is more mental friction that you expect.
Paying for the course you think is suiting stimulates your self-judgment. You might think that you have to benefit from it or continue it until any achievement is made.

No worries, let those pressures go.

Ei Pra is a social support activity run by the Empatheme Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization. We sincerely hope you can learn to practice. It is the empathy and commitment that drive our endeavor to serve the world we live together.
We produce all the Ei pra contents that you get with this mind of helping, sharing, and serving, not pushing you to buy.


Please imagine yourself sharing your experiences and helping others to remove the barriers of self-judgment. Unlearning self-judgment is a fundamental step of practicing (Link: “Method to Create a Moment”).

Choose a course, and sign up with your empathy, a feeling of being together. It gives you the power to stay calm and focused. (Link: “Sharing Mind”)

When you start something new, your body and mind don’t quickly get used to it. That’s why you don’t jump into a hot bath or cold pool all of a sudden. Likewise, a warm-up is essential in any exercise. Please use the first seven days as a time to adapt yourself to Ei pra.

(You have a 7-day free trial period. Before you start, an orientation for the practice is available to try the practice method.)

Once you get used to your practice, things get much easier than you imagined at the beginning. The key to any practice is to begin and to avoid overthinking. Overthinking rather increases the hurdle to initiate. However, very little attention has been paid to this simple act of beginning, resulting in the absence of a way to overcome it.

Ei Pra provides you with a place to share your Empatheme from the beginning. You will already be helping others who are practicing with Empatheme when you start it. Again, relax. You’re not alone.

Join Ei Pra

Unique Approaches to Support Your Practice

① Create the Moment

Empatheme creates moments in a natural flow only when you are calm and engaged. It is a patented invention that helps you rest your self-judgment and use the flow for effective practice.

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④ Support for Practice

Each day, we deliver one Empallet—a short story that supports your practice—to you. You can easily find the Empallet for the day on the Empatheme app.

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⑤ One Per Day

Keep your Empacards (Ei pra Theme Cards) in the same place. Sit quietly and pick up the card for the day; they are all palm-sized. Keeping it simple makes a place and posture for practice.

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Ei Pra Trails

Your everyday practice will connect those 100 theme cards like a single path.

We call the course of daily practice a “Trail.” Before you, there will be a trail to walk that guides and accompanies you. Once you have walked through, the trail comes behind you. It is the path that you have made with your experience of practices. Let’s walk along with the theme card every day. It’s going to be fun!

Select a Course That Matches Your Learning Pace

Let’s “walk” the Ei pra Trail one by one.

You will walk through a hundred theme cards, divided into three Trails.

You can select a course from the following options (there are three Trails in total):

Walk slowly: One card over two days. This course covers Trail 1 in three months.

Walk steadily: One card per day. You will walk through each Trail three times. It will take you four months to complete a Trail and a year to finish all Trails.

Walk quickly: One card per day. One card per day. You will receive two types of tips every day. You will be quickly walking through three of the Trails in four months.

Repeat and reflect on your practice daily, and review them every week. A cycle of repetition and reflection trains your mind.

Course Selection & Overview

Ei Pra is designed to maximize repetitive processes. An accumulation of minimal moments makes powerful effects.