(What have you been up to?)


Can’t hear it?
Well, the sounds are gone when they pass through you.
They are very short and connected in a sequence.


You can capture speeches with your rhythm pattern model in your brain.
In your native language, you have a mental model to capture the rhythm patterns.
In a foreign language, you don’t.
You can only capture the sound sequence if you can vocalize it yourself.


It’s your working memory that processes speeches in the brain in time.
That’s roughly two seconds.
Practice developing a rhythm model within the limit of your working memory.
Empatheme helps you build up your inner speeches efficiently and effectively.


Let’s take an example from a practitioner.

(What do you mean by that?) (Native Speaker R)
(What do you mean by that?) (Practitioner K, at the beginning)

You can compare yourself with the native speakers visually.


Empatheme is your continuous practice system.
It guides you to practice in a two-second unit.
It visualizes your speeches, measures them, and gives feedback based on the two-second speech seeds.


Empatheme generates your practice setting.
As you practice, Empatheme accumulates your data.
The change in your rhythm patterns will manifest in the distribution of your every vocalized sound.
Your progress is there!


Empatheme extracts your rhythm patterns and generates advice tips for you to practice effectively.
The essence of learning lies in knowing your speech and comparing.


Follow the tips and practice.

(What do you mean by that?) (Practitioner K, 4 weeks later)
(What do you mean by that?) (Practitioner K, 12 weeks later)

You’ll realize your progress!


Empatheme is a practice-sharing platform based on the two-second seed concept.
You can use your practice with fellow learners.
By sharing your practice, it will encourage and inspire you.


With your Empatheme data, your tutors can walk alongside you efficiently and effectively.
It will develop your skills and senses.


In four months, you can internalize 1000 seeds in four months.
Now you can hear what you couldn’t hear before.
Enjoy Empatheme and maximize your practice.