Empatheme Innovates Your Practice

Too much input, too little output.

It’s hard to see your path.

Your learning doesn’t get any easier.

Empatheme can help you practice what you learn.

It helps you output what you input, input what you output, continuously and constantly.

Learning is making connections through the interactions.

You can maximize your interactions with 2-second voices.

You connect the sounds, the words, the images to yourself.

You connect yourself with others you interact with.

Empatheme guides your practice every day.

Empatheme accompanies you all the way with feedback and personalized advice.

So you can consistently grow the number of connections, inputs and outputs, every day.

Join Empatheme and maximize your practice!

34. I care about it.


So you don’t care anymore? もういいの?
No. It’s already over. もうおわったこと。

Why did you stop me? なぜ私をとめたの?
Because I care about you. 君が大切だからさ。

33. Stay focused.

stayは、同じ状態にとどまること。leaveは、そのままの状態にしたままで、その場を去ること。放っておくこ と、残すこと。remainもstayのかわりに使えます。

Where are you staying? 滞在はどちら?
I’m staying at a hotel. ホテルです。

I feel like I caught a cold.
Stay home and get some rest. 家で休みな。

32. I could be wrong.


Could you take a picture of us? 写真を撮っていただけますか?
Sure, no problem. はい、いいですよ。

Could you pick me up at my house? わたしの家でひろってもらえますか?
Of course. I’ll be there a little before seven. もちろん。7時ちょっと前に行きますね。

31. Put into practice.


Where do I put this box? この箱どこに置く?
Just leave it on the floor. 床に置いて置いて。

Don’t put salt on it. It’s already salty. 塩はふらずに。もう、しょっぱいから。
What about pepper? コショウはふった?

30. Ask yourself.


Can I ask you a question? 質問していい?
Sure, please do. はい、どうぞ。

Ask the help center. ヘルプセンターに聞いて。
Do they know? わかるかな?

28. I can tell.


Can you say thanks in Japanese? 日本語でありがとう、って言える?
I can say hello, too.「こんにちは」も言えるよ。

You said what? なんて言った?
I said I gave up. もういい、って言ったんだ。

27. Just listen.


Listen to the noise. ノイズを聞いてごらん。
The noise? I hear nothing. 何も聞こえない。

Listen to me now. さあ、よく聞いて。
Go on. I’m listening. どうぞ。ちゃんと聞いてるよ。

26. Look around.


How do I look? どんな感じに見える?
You look great. Even better with a hat. とてもいいね。帽子をかぶるともっといい。

Could you look after my dog today? 今日わたしの犬を見てくれる?
No problem. I’ll take care of him. うん、わかった。めんどうみとくよ。