If you don’t know how you are speaking (i.e., vocalizing a line of sounds), how would you practice hearing what you can’t listen to right now?

This is an article for the learning of English as the second language.
At the same time, it tells the native English speakers something there were not aware of.

Why can’t you speak, hear, or use English?
You must wonder if there must be many factors, right?

After all, you end up thinking, you need to make a lot of hard effort anyway, don’t you?

No, that is not true. Just doing “a lot in the dark” is like “watering the desert.
There must be a way that meets what the natural phenomenon reveals.

Ei Pra approaches this by identifying the most essential and, moreover, the core method among them.

First, the key to your listening ability can be summed up in a single word.

Watch the video.

Can you hear that one line?
Can you say it close to the line?

There is the key.

It is the key that opens the true door to your English learning.

Ei Pra on Empatheme will help you acquire that key and make a huge difference in your learning.

Ei Pra: Learn to Practice English with Empatheme

Ei Pra (See Video)

Ei Pra is a service that maximizes your practice – helping you continuously and constantly output what you input and input what you output. It accompanies you all the way to carry your practice habits into the future.

By measuring your practice that contains not only your vocal expressions but also rich connotative information surrounding your action, Empatheme can give effective feedback periodically so that you can visibly see the tangible progress you are making.

Furthermore, the Empatheme data enables tutors to understand the learner’s behavioral characteristics and state of practice. Interaction between the learner and the tutors grows to fruition through the pinpointed personalized advice based on a combination of insightful experience and scientific data.

Ei Pra is a learning program that revolutionalizes the conventional learning method and measures physical output to help one acquire the form, skills, and sense to use English in practice.

Ei Pra is a unique and innovative communication platform that allows learners and native English speakers to deepen their mutual learning by sharing their practices through Empatheme.

Inspire Change (See Video at Empatheme Website)