Please Support The Innovation That Brings Everyone Together


The Empatheme Community is a new initiative run by the Empatheme Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization.

Our goal is to harness innate human abilities and connect people by generating empathy in learning.

For that purpose, we provide the patented invention of Empatheme as a free app.

One moment of breath becomes useful when we learn and serve others. Empatheme helps you with it.


We welcome anyone who shares their idea of making even the smallest contribution. You are also welcome to use the Empatheme applications and resources in various ways when starting up any practice routine.


We pool one dollar for each card and practice content to provide the Ei pra service. Our service includes keeping everyone’s Emapatheme secure.
We also collect data on Empatheme from the participants to conduct scientific research. That way, you will be serving your community.


This system turns your practice into a valuable contribution that money cannot create. Even one Empatheme helps a lot.
Empatheme—an innovation for everyone—is a bridge that connects people around the world. We look forward to each of your participation and support in this world-first activity. We are grateful for your donation, regardless of its amount.

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