Practice is not just conscious exercise.

It is a small part of the whole.

The movement of one’s body and mind is repeated without awareness.

Scientific studies have shown that 95% of our daily life is subconscious behavior.
For example, Dr. Timothy Wilson’s research on Adaptive Subconscious clearly demonstrates that.

We usually don’t call it practice – when we do it without purpose or awareness.

But it’s true – 95%.

The pie chart is a summary of the whole, all told.
So, let’s imagine it as a flow of time, like the illustration below.

Illustration – Edge of Subconscious

The green cluster is subconsciousness. The orange edges are consciousness.

The frame that holds the whole together is consciousness or intention.
They make up 5% of the whole when you add them together.

Ninety-five percent of practice is subconscious.

For example, do you ever get frustrated because you can’t wait for a few seconds?

You are doing a practice that makes you feel frustrated.

By rethinking it that way, you can see it differently.

You are practicing judging something without knowing it.

With Empatheme, you can touch the edge between conscious and subconscious.
If you practice it, you’ll feel that.