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Count your blessings.

From a conversation with Art:

Art:This phrase hold true.
me:Tell me more about it. How do you count your blessings?
Art:Right.You act as if you count them.
me: So you act?
Art:Exactly。The act of counting helps you.
me: I get it. To say “Count your blessing” out loud becomes your act, right?
Art:That’s what it’s all about. You just say it to yourself.
me: “Count your blessing.” That’s it.
Art: Believe it or not, your voice is much more powerful than you think.
me: It helps you reflect.
Art: We are always thinking in our heads. And we feel as if we said it.
me: That’s why we actually don’t vocalize anything that matters..
Art: Yes. So we need a method so that we can act.

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

Art: “Knowing the path” is getting knowledge, “Walking the path” is practice. But then, the word practice is knowledge, too.
me: Oh, that’s a trap, isn’t it?
Art: When you start thinking, we can end up not doing it. And that’s the problem.
me: We are very familiar with the word “action.” We think in action, and that’s it. What can we do?
Art: We need something that helps us move our bodies before thinking too much.
me: That seems to be key to practice that lasts. Art: You’re right. Once you’ve done something almost unknowingly, you realize you did it.
That’s how we’d like practice work.
me: Is that why you like Empatheme?
Art::Yeah, it’s a micro practice or minimal practice.
me: Yes, it creates a moment in a natural flow. All you need to do let that moment happen.
Art::And go with the flow. With Empatheme, you are a part of the environment and the flow.
me:: Dear readers, please try out Empatheme, and practice a little “Mi Pra” for yourself!

Count your empathemes every day.

There’s a difference between walking the path and walking through the trail.

Source:『Ei Pra』 Trail 3 (98)Count your blessings.