Empathemian, I am the missing piece

I, the protagonist of “The Missing Piece,” sets out on a journey searching for his missing piece.

I go over fields, mountains, and oceans.
I meet flowers, beetles, and various other pieces, but I can’t find the perfect match.

Finally, they find it!

But..the fun of searching for the Missing Piece was gone.

I was happier when I was looking for the missing piece.
I was back to my missing self.

This is a story of Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece.”

Let’s take this story upside down.

The small piece is me.
No, the surrounding parts are all me.

We think that something is missing in ourselves.
But the truth is other way around.
It is not that something is missing in ourselves。

We have forgotten the world in which we exist.

There is a world outside of ourselves that we can interact.
You are part of a universe connected by empathy.

Even if you are not looking for the missing piece of yourself, there is already a whole “self” outside of you.

Yes, I am the missing piece.

The missing piece is the world that surrounds you.

You can see the world when you realize that you are the missing piece.

Just say it.
I am the missing piece.