Empatheme Foundation

Empatheme Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, celebrates its 4th year.
We will start “Ei Pra’ (Learn to practice English based on Empatheme Method). We will announce the “my pra” (Learn to practice every day) shortly.
Empatheme is a new concept that supports your practice, based on the patented inventions in the US and Japan. It is ready to debut through nine years of research and development in Silicon Valley.
Empatheme is a medium. It reflects, records, express, and shares the moments in a standard format and unit. Your behavior captured in a natural sequence will become valuable content and content. You can use them for yourself and with others.
You can share Empatheme to practice reflection. You can learn to practice English or anything daily.
Empatheme Method connects people. It uses the technology that humans and machines work together to create a moment in the natural flow.


Ei pra supports everyone’s practices in an environment that uses Empatheme. It consists of a smartphone app, cards, contents, data, and a communication system.

My pra and Ei pra are an innovation that everyone can enjoy and help ourselves and others.

We welcome schools, companies, research institutes, local communities. Please join us. Let us work together to deepen and spread the learning to practice. Please apply and contact us from this Empatheme site.


Enjoy Empatheme Site



Create new ways of knowing.
Inspire hope in our daily lives by practicing
Combine science, art, and philosophy in the daily practice
Cultivates moments.
Nurture habits.
Inspire wonder, hope, and imagination.
through small practice.

We will carry out the following businesses that contribute to this purpose.

1. Run Empatheme services
2. Promote Empatheme services
3. Research, development, and production
4. Sales of Empatheme based products
5. Others related online services
6. Others related the above


June 6, 2017


Rikko Sakaguchi

Address1-3 Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051, Japan, Fuzanbo International Building 7F



  • Rikko Sakaguchi (Executive Director)
  • Yoshihiro Sakamoto (Director)
  • Kunitake Ando (Director)
  • Taku Sakurai (Director)
  • Hidenori Ishikawa (Director)


  • Kikko Sakamoto
  • Yuko Matsumoto
  • Daiwa Sakaguchi


 Sachie Shimada