o b t s f c r i

Sit and relax.

Put your smartphone flat on the table.

Open Empatheme.

Small bubbles in the center.

Be Open. First Empatheme in yellow.

Just Be with the flow.

Wait for a moment and slowly trace the second Empatheme in light green.

Third Empatheme in light yellow. Touch.

Smile, and vocalize a word of greeting. Fourth Empatheme in pink.

Feel your voice. Fifth Empatheme in blue stays while you speak.

A small interval will turn into Sixth Empatheme in while. It’s Calm.

Go with the flow. It will turn into Seven Empatheme in green. It’s Breathe.

Slowly trace a circle.  Eighth Empatheme in Red. IIt’s Imagine.

Wait until it fades away.

Now it’s done. Imagine you have just created a Moment.

With a simple session of [o b t s f c r i ], you have reflected yourself in Empagraph.