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Empatheme is a patented invention that helps you keep up with your daily practice.

It creates calm moments in a natural flow through simple body movements to rest your self-judgment.

To learn is to practice. But starting up something is not that easy.

Continuing your practice is hard too. Along the way, your challenge often fails. Why?

No worries. You’re not alone.

The Empatheme Method helps you practice releasing your self-judgment.

It also allows you to maximize vocal output and cultivate your mind of overcoming self-judgment through daily practice.

The purpose of this invention is to combine the unlearning process of self-judgment with the learning process.

We provide the free Empatheme app, environment, and method using Empatheme to help anyone get into a habit,

which is “to create a short time, reflect on oneself, and share with others.”

Anyone can try Empatheme and share their experiences with others in daily life.

Besides, Empatheme can be used for scientific research.

We hope that its empirical results can be utilized in society.


Empatheme Method


You can download Empatheme app here.

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Learn to Practice Every Day With Empatheme

All you need to do is create a moment in a natural flow.
Reflect on your practice. Keep it going.  
Empatheme helps, encourages, and inspires your trail of practices.
Share your Empatheme with people.

Mi Pra

Practice Cultivating Yourself

Calm – Reflect – Inspire
Minimal Practice (5 Minimal / Day)
Practice Micro-Actions Every Day

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Co Pra

Practice Caring and Sharing

Practice Empatheme
Minimal Practice (3 MInutes / Day)
Caring and Sharing

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