Ei pra tips

You can’t see the inside of your body, but you can hear your voice in real-time. You can also hear the recorded version of your voice.

You can’t see how you look without a mirror. Similarly, you can’t tell how differently you sound from native English without hearing your own voice. Reading English “correctly” should not satisfy your study. It’s important to notice how you and native speakers differ in pronunciation. To imagine how you’re making sounds and become sensitive to them are the keys to improvement.

You can’t catch a sound you have not experienced: you can only hear sounds and rhythms you can make through yourself. No matter how much you listen, you won’t be able to catch them until you practice making them yourself.

You should never underestimate imitating sounds and knowing how you are improving. It is not about sounding cool. Again, you can only hear the sounds you can make.

Voicing out a phrase and listening to yourself is the way to learn to practice English. You can only practice one spoken line in one breath, which becomes the unit of practicing. You can start developing your imagination of words from here too.