Ei pra tips

You can’t suddenly just do something you have never experienced. On the other hand, you can easily do anything you are practicing every day. Since your body has learned it, you can perform it without thinking. Therefore, you can only learn things that you can continue every day.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s hard to continue practicing; sadly, your motivation to do so quickly diminishes.
This is because your self-judgment intervenes; the pressures to try hard and do well hinder you from continuing the practice. Instead of staying calm and focused on your practice, you are subconsciously fighting against your inner self.

“I have to memorize all these words,” “I can’t make any mistake,” “I must read correctly,” etc. All these self-pressures only make your practice harder to last.

You can’t call it a practice if it doesn’t last. You need to rest your self-judgment to make it last. The practice to release your self-judgment needs to be included in the practicing method.

Encouraging and inspiring yourself with words are fundamental to releasing your self-judgment. You can do so only by interacting with yourself using words.

You are practicing vocalization using example sentences. But at the same time, by practicing them aloud, you can encourage and energize yourself with the words.

The method of “Seed by Seed” has several aims:

・To practice vocalization/pronunciation
・To learn words
・To memorize example sentences

But more fundamentally, any practice should include taking action and reflecting on it.

Remember, words don’t mean anything without an action.