Empathemian, Sunnyvale, California

Life is in the giving.

Art, my neighbor across the Street, told me this.
Everywhere you go, it’s all about getting. Your mind is full of the idea of getting.

It makes you off-balance.

You can’t live only by getting something.
There’s nothing wrong about getting something.

But your mind can quickly get full of your desires.

The desires to obtain, gain, collect, etc.

Money, assets, status, skills, results, victories, opportunities, friends.

Life is not in the getting.

In school, we are taught to get points.
The same goes for any job.

It’s all about getting something for yourself. And there’s no end to getting more.

But you can’t live like that forever. What do we do then?

Life is in the giving. We can just say it aloud.

The word life means you’re going to live.

In the giving and in the serving, there’s life. We forget it in a world full of getting.

That’s why you tell yourself out loud. When you say life is in the giving, you feel relieved.

It’s only giving that matters.