・Walk Trail 1, 2, and 3 in four months (100 themes)
・About 25 Seeds a day. Two types of sample Seeds
・Lots of Tips for each Seed


In this course, as well as “Walk Steadily” Course, you will be practicing one card a day.

very day from Monday to Saturday at 5 AM, you will receive native samples by both♦️Yu and ♣️ Riu and tips attached to each of their Seeds.

On Sunday, you will get interesting tips for all of the six cards for the week.

Read those tips and repeat inputting and outputting sounds.

Refer to the tips with♦️Yu’s sample Seeds for Practice “Act” and to those with ♣️ Riu’s one for Practice “Reflect.”

You will be walking Trail 1, 2, and 3 (100 theme cards) over seventeen weeks (four months).

You will be having Practice “Repeat” at a higher pace than the other two courses (more times within a day).