・Listen to your recorded voice
・Speak them out while you listen
(You are listening to your voices at the same time.)
・Transcribe them
・Put a headline for the day


Listen to the Seeds you vocalized, recite them, and transcribe them. When you vocalize, you are listening to your own voice at the same time. The input-output of your Seed is multiplied in a flow.

Open your Empatheme string, following the illustration below.

Tap the letter “O” to input a Seed, and tap it again to save. “O” means to do it “Over.”

Wait for a moment to return from gray to purple.

Move on to the next Seed by tapping the arrow at the bottom.

After your practice for the day, put a headline with words/emojis that summarizes it.

Remember, small things add up to make a big difference! Summing up in a word is essential. Even with this little manner, it helps you reflect.