・Walk Trail 1 in four months (33 themes), all Trails in a Year (100 themes)

・About 25 Seeds a day

・Versatile Tips for each Seed


In this course, you will be practicing one card a day.
We deliver the native samples for your next card every day from Monday to Saturday at 5 AM.

Monday through Saturday: Practice ① to ④ using the card for the day.
Tuesday through Sunday: Practice ⑤ using the card for the previous day.
Sunday: Practice ⑥ and ⑦ using the six cards for the week.
Reviewing your practice for the previous day enhances your overall learning tremendously.
Review for the week boost the effect even more.

In this course, you will walk Trail 1 (33 theme cards) thrice over seventeen weeks (four months). Tips are different for each cycle.

Over a year, you will be walking Trail 2 and Trail 3 in the same way as you did for Trail 1.