・Give your words to others
・Imagine the others
・Relieve self-consciousness


The major obstacle to your practice is your self-judgment. The harder you try to continue your practice, the less likely it will.
Empathy is essential here for your success. Empathy is to think about others whom you practice with, and not to do anything special.
Regardless of the physical distance, the power of empathy arises between caring people, eases your self-judgment, and saves you from quitting your practice.

Cheering from behind, rather than from the front, also encourages you.
You can see the people you would want to support and share your practice with them from the Connection tab

Add some warm words that support their practices to their Seeds through the “A” box and chat with them.

You can see others practicing in your “Connection” tab (apply from the QR code on the left).

You can share your and others’ practices here. Use the letter “A” in Practice “Ask” to give some words to them. You can also start a small conversation centering around the phrase.


Give some warm words to whom you practice with.
You can reproduce the conversation in your mind by reflecting on Seeds and interacting with others. This practice also connects tightly you and the word you learn.

Looking back on Seeds and interacting with someone will recreate the dialogue in your mind, amplifying the connection between you and the Seeds.

Thinking about others encourages you to continue your practice. The feeling of supporting others in return for their help enhances your English practice profoundly.

For instance, it’s not very useful to just know the phrase “Can I help you?” unless you actually ask someone. Nothing is more important than outputting the Seeds to someone else.