Physical Exercise of Voice
There is a straightforward answer to why you struggle over listening comprehension and speaking in English: you rarely have an occasion to practice English. English cannot be acquired through reading or writing but everyday physical exercises of vocalization.


Practice Vocalizing Short Phrases 
Follow the guide to practice the seven elements of Ei pra. Vocalizing a phrase called a Seed in one breath allows you to listen to yourself. Within 15 minutes of practice, you will be practicing the vocal input-output of syllables for 3,000 times. Without difficulty, you will eventually reach one million times after completing three Trails.


The Essence of Practice
Raise your face, recall the sample sounds, and make it your Seeds, i.e., voice out the lines. Acting as if you are talking to someone is the way to go. To start, just sit, and relax your body. Let your Empatheme happen. The little experience of only 1-2 seconds of vocalization will add up to a power that brings back your innate ability to learn by sounds.

7 Elements of Practice

① Begin: The Power of Calmness (every day)

Sit in a quiet place. Relax your body, Take it easy.

② Vocalize: The Power of Vocalizing (every day)

Listen to the sample Seed of a native speaker, vocalizing it in a give it in a breath.

③ Act: The Power of Interaction (every day)

Raise your face, and act as if you are talking to someone.

④ Do it over: The Power of Repetition (every day)

Listen to each of your Seeds, dictate it, and add a headline.

⑤ Reflect: The Power of Cycling (every day)

Listen again to the Seeds you practiced yesterday, repeating them. Also. Follow the guides and tips to practice this time.

⑥ Ask: The Power of Imagination (Weekend)

Make notes on your Seed with questions. Ask as though you’re having a dialogue with them.

⑦ Sharing: The Power of Empathy (weekend)

Give words to others who practice together. Giving time to and sharing your practice with them release your self-judgment.