・Listen to the sample Seeds

・Voice them out

(You are listening to your voice at the same time)


Imitate the rhythms of the sample, and vocalize them.
Breathe in, and say each Seed in a breath, using your entire mouth.

Open the Empatheme app, and tap the Connection tab at the bottom.

Before you start, as an orientation, you can see the Procedure Video. Choose Empatheme Community.

Choose a native sample (either ♦️Yu or ♣︎Riu). Then, tap any Empatheme (don’t worry about the color here).

*You will be creating eight kinds of Empatheme within a natural flow.
Each of the letters “o, b, t, s, f, c, r, i” on a differently colored circle represents each kind of Empathemes (see the Empatheme Method).
See Empatheme Method

Tap the “emp” string. Emp is a visual representation of the spoken Seed.
Speak out Seed by Seed, imitating the samples.
The circle icon allows you to switch your emp string to text.

Tapping on the text of each Seed (upper right figure) leads you to tips on pronunciation, expression, or meaning of the Seed, or a short video, “mini pra.”