・Review your Empagraph of the day before
・Compare your voice with the samples
・Read and listen to the samples again
・Vocalize Seeds while listening to your voice
(Remember, you are listening to your own speech at the same time.)
・Read the tips coming with each sample Seed


First, let us review the practice of the day before.

Open your Empagraph, and check the graphs and “emp” strings.

*Empagraph is a mirror of your practice “Act.”

Clear: Quietness of your surroundings
Calm: Relaxedness in tracing the circle
Continuous: Time of your practice
Constant: Daily continuity of your practice

These are not for grading your performance. Don’t worry about it too much.
Think of it as a mirror that reflects you and helps you evoke your innate power.

Compare your emp strings with those of the samples, and pay careful attention to the length differences.
Read the tips, listen to the samples again, and repeat after them.

Some Seeds give you “mini pra,” a short content for further practice.

Tap its thumbnail to watch.

Then, go to the Empanote by tapping the text of a native sample. Listen to the sample sound, and recite it. There are various tips on pronunciation, expression, meaning, acting, and asking that comes with each Seed. Please check out too,  a one-minute-long video “mini pra” if the Seed has one.

It’s important that you review the Seeds one by one after vocalizing, acting, and repeating them.


♦️Yu’s samples and ♣️Riu’s samples give different tips.

You can leave a leaf icon on the Seeds of your interest (or your favorite) by tapping it.


Through Practice “Reflect” (reviewing your previous practice), you are making your practice a cycle of Seeds’ input and output.

Because you look back on yesterday’s practice, your everyday practice is circling around each day.

This is a good system to firm up your practice routine.