When in Trouble

◉ Can’t hear the sample? (Practice Vocalizing)
We use the network to deliver samples. It may take some time to load, depending on your network condition. Please wait for a minute or so.

◉ Can’t see the first Empatheme (the yellow circle)? (Practice Acting)
The yellow circle is set to appear only when the smartphone is laid flat. Please check that your smartphone is not tilted.

⑤ Practice “Reflect”

・Review your Empagraph of the day before
・Compare your voice with the samples
・Read and listen to the samples again
・Vocalize Seeds while listening to your voice
 (Remember, you are listening to your own speech at the same time.)
・Read the tips coming with each sample Seed

② Practice “Vocalize”

・Listen to the sample Seeds
・Voice them out while you listen
When you vocalize, you are listening to yourself, too.

Imitate the rhythms of the sample, and vocalize them.
Breathe in, and say each Seed in a breath, using your entire mouth.

Open the Empatheme app, and tap the Connection tab at the bottom.
Tap the Empatheme string.