・Wait calmly
・Imagine yourself talking to others
・Vocalize Seeds
(You are listening to your voice at the same time)


Follow the flow created by Empatheme, and speak out the Seeds one by one.
Don’t try to read them. Imagine yourself talking to someone else.
In your mind, you must be speaking out each Seed in one breath with rhythmical intonation.
Make sure you pause after each phrase.


Tap ” + ” on the top left. Place your smartphone flat and horizontally, and wait for a while.

You will first see a yellow Empatheme. Wait until it fades out.

Then, a green Empatheme shows. Wait for a moment while taking a deep breath. Now, slowly trace the circle.

Vocalize Seeds one by one in the same order as on the card. Vocalizing the first Seed creates a pink Empatheme.

Don’t look at the card. Speak in a breath as if you’re actually talking. Speak your next Seed after two seconds.

A light blue Empatheme stays while you talk. Tracing another circle, at any point, will end your session.  Circle it slowly.


Finally, wait to see the red Empatheme with a bar on the center fade away. You can now go on to your next practice.

*You can turn the Session Guide on/off through the Setting on the top right. Once you get used to the flow, turn if off.


The light blue Empatheme turns white (“c”) when you keep silent for a while.
And those white Emapatheme will eventually turn to a green Empatheme (“r”), where you can breathe out.

Voice the Seeds rhythmically and with pauses in-between.